The Shell Centre is known around the world for its innovative work on mathematics education. The Shell Centre team has a wide range of ongoing activities including design, development and research.

Shell Centre Publications Ltd. was set up to distribute and license materials developed at the Centre, and offers a range of innovative teaching materials for mathematics education, together with research publications and tests from the Centre and its collaborators.

Announcement regarding sales of publications

The aim of Shell Centre Publications has always been to ensure that a number of seminal works in the field of mathematical education remained available.

We have now reached the point where our most popular items are out of stock, and have come to the decision that it is time to stop storing and selling physical books. Digital distribution is the best way to keep these works available, so in the coming months, we will be making many of the publications on our list available, for free, as PDF downloads. Currently, we can offer:

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The Language of Functions and Graphs

Problems with Patterns and Numbers

The Numeracy Through Problem Solving series

Extended Tasks for GCSE Mathematics

...thanks to the work of the National STEM Centre who now operate a wonderful archive of classic education materials from Science and Maths. The Standards Unit Improving Learning in Mathematics materials, partly developed at the Shell Centre, can also be found there.

We are also investigating the possibility of keeping a few popular titles - staring with The Language of Functions and Graphs - available in print using a third party 'print-on-demand' service who will accept orders, print and ship the books internationally. If you are potentially interested in this, please let us know at as it will help us set priorities.

Shell Centre Publications remains active, licensing the work of the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education and Mathematics Assessment Resource Service around the world, as well as developing new materials in conjunction with the Centre for Research in Mathematical Education at the University of Nottingham. The work of our current flagship project, developing formative and summative assessments for the new US Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, can be found at

Note: The Chelsea Diagnostic Tests are no longer available from us, but we understand that the authors are planning to make them available from their own website shortly. We will post a link here when they are available.

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